A Florida Respite

We have returned from a lovely week at Miramar Beach in Florida. My friends, Ron and Ira Kaye are such gracious hosts. I never tire of the majestic beauty of the ocean. The peace and serenity that it exudes is a balm for the soul. My friend, Jane, says in regard to photos of the Gulf, ‘I see God, eternity, grace, peace and love. What a wonderful God he is!’ I agree.

Sitting and watching the Gulf…for hours on end has taught me how little that I am and how big God is. There is a question that has offend been asked…if you retire from your career or resign a volunteer position…it is similar to putting your fist into a full pail of water and then withdrawing it to discover that there is no hole where your hand had been… So many of the worries and troubled sleepless nights that we spend are regarding self made concerns that have little or no relevance to our ongoing happiness. The beauty and simplicity of ocean waves are like the hands on God’s clock…

2 responses

  1. The tide really is a big universal clock, its time can be calculated from now until doomsday and it would still be accurate. when I cycled around the US I stopped off at Miramar Beach in Florida for a fortnight, it was amazing, much will have changed there since the 1960s I suspect.

    1. Miramar Beach is a picturesque setting. It has exploded with growth of businesses and tourists.

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