A Loss Of Talent

We arrived in Florida a few days earlier than we usually do. The weather was pleasant and somewhat cooler than usual. One day, last week it was chilly…my kind of temperatures. We journeyed to our regular spots…including the Donut Hole at 6:00 A:M:. Ron told us that to get a seat without waiting we would have to leave their condo, at Miramar Beach, at 5:45 A:M:. But we were like doubting Thomas of the Bible…and we would not believe until we saw for ourselves. So, we arrived at 10:00 A:M: and saw a line snaking outside and around the building. Thus we arose and we’re on our way at 5:45 the next morning and enjoyed almost an empty restaurant.

I was pondering how much talent that I lost when I was a manager/administrator when I failed to mentor young people and develop them before it was too late. In my large organization more than one young staff person left our department and I felt personally responsible for the departure. These were people that for whatever reason I had not realized had been marginalized by their peers and thus felt unnecessary to the organization or, perhaps, unwanted. These folks were not necessarily mad… or had a bone to pick…but rather moved on to other interests due to the apparent lack of a company vision that had them firmly affixed in it’s working matters. Often by the time that they were brought to my attention…they had already decided to go somewhere where they were needed and where their skill sets were appreciated.

As I watched the young folks that perform the herculean chore of taking the beach chairs and umbrellas from their storage shed and shoulder two of the heavy chairs on each shoulder and then trot out to the water to place the set-ups near the breaking waves…I considered that these intelligent and motivated young people had a clear vision of their place in the organization and were inspired as to their value to its success…

We in our churches bemoan how few young people come to us and even fewer stay. Perhaps we should examine how we can assure them of their importance to our faith communities and the value that they bring to us…

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