Is There Rental Space In Your Head?

It is a lovely partly cloudy day in Little Egypt. Many days in Southern Illinois…are overcast…with a light rain falling. The walking was easy on Campus today. The solitude of the Break…suited my mood. We are back from a week in Florida…for old folks. My primary enjoyment came from watching the ever changing horizons of the mysterious ocean and it’s endless waves. We experienced some lovely cuisine and the gulf shrimp is…as Ron says…to die for! MJ and Aaron played endless rounds of cards with Ron and Ira Kaye…and the sound of their laughter warmed my heart. It was a treat to get away after over a year of lock-down caused by the Pandemic. The freedom that being fully vaccinated affords is astounding. While at Miramar Beach we discussed how far back in our lives that we could remember. Some said Junior High while others said 6 or 7 years old….I said that I could recall events that transpired when I was 2 years old. I actually remember things that happened before I was 2…but I did not want to sound like I was bragging.

On our trip to Creal Springs, Illinois this past Saturday, my friend, Jeff, mentioned that he did not allow things that distressed him to take up residency in his head… There is some significant wisdom in this idea. How often have you found yourself allowing unpleasant people and disturbing events to enjoy large estates in your brain? The first thing when you wake up in the morning…they are there….the last thing you see at night is your dysfunctional neighbor walking their dog in your yard…and the dog making a massive poop in your azaleas. Or you awaken in the middle of the night and there is your naughty neighbor sitting on the side of your bed with a toothy smile and asking if you have been thinking about them…

As a child I knew that life was short. I soon found out that everyone had an opinion and a suggestion and their own prescription for how I should live my life. Many advisors are so busy engaging in directing the lives of others that they have little time to consider their own. I mentioned, in a recent blog, that the author, Joan Didion, said that certain faith communities seemed to have congregations that were seeking someone to tell them what they should do. Jeff recounted that it seemed to him that many folks were looking for someone to lead them. I once had a friend who admitted that she did not like to make her own decisions and wanted someone to instruct her as to what she should do.

Letting out large portions of grey matter… real estate… can result in unhappiness and confusion. The property manager of your thoughts and life direction may be running from pillar to post attempting to ascertain if it is the owners whishes that he is supposed to fulfill…or the many renters and those holding long term leases…in you head…

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  1. REmembering things when you were 2 years old – I have trouble remembering things I did yesterday, keep well.

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