Father’s Day

Hot, as Aaron said to his aunt when she took him in her car in the heart of the summer…he was around 2 years old. She quickly turned on the air conditioner for him. I feel like Aaron did on that sweltering summer’s day…HOT! It is 91 degrees but the heat factor is 100. It is so hot that I was relegated to walking in our mall rather than the campus of SIUC. Father’s Day is little more than a week away…and I am excited! There is nothing that I am more proud of than MJ and my sons, Aaron and Jonathon. They are a light and a joy for me. MJ and my life has revolved around them since the day that they were born. When Father’s Day comes around all I have to do is look at my boys…who are now men…and realize how blessed that I am.

I remember my father, who I was only with me for my first 5 years of life. He was a jovial man with a wide smile and devil-may-care demeanor. He carried a hand gun when it was not legal to do so…and he dressed like a mobster. He enjoyed filming 8 millimeter films of me and mom…and sometimes she would turn the camera on him…such as the time that he was riding my tricycle. Dad served in World War II in the Pacific. I was sitting on a medical table in front of three heart doctors and when the meeting was over he carried me back to the Volkswagen Van…and I saw a tear in bis eye. He loved for the three of us to go for road trips on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. There was a little seat for me in the middle…and I thought that it was grand. He had a Jai alai set. The set consisted of a ball being bounced off of a wall, at high speeds, with a hand held wicker cesta. The cesta looks like a long narrow scoop. It was amazing to watch him play.

Father’s Day always warms my heart. The thought of it makes me smile. When I think of the little boy from Chicago…and now look into the mirror at the old man of Carbondale…I am delighted for the journey.

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