Then Comes…Morning

I have watched the HBO special David Byrne’s American Utopia several times. The most recent was this week. It is an inspirational Broadway performance. The first time that I viewed it I thought that I got it…for the most part…but I realized this week that I had only scratched the surface of a moving and heartfelt homage to humanity. Have you ever seen a performance that afterwards you realize that perhaps you have lived your life and…just not gotten the point…

Why are we here? Are we really here to compete in the race for who can accumulate the most money and power. Is life a point system? Is God siting on his throne watching to ascertain who among us is the best at the game of Capitalism? By the way…does God require a throne…to sit upon…or is that our construct of the creator of the…Game of Life?

Capturing inspiration…is inspirational… It is a bit like capturing sunlight and moonbeams and ecstasy of purpose and wisdom…in a bottle. Before you can screw on the lid…they have escaped once again…through the opening. Water is cool and refreshing and life giving…and it slips through our fingers… I have been inspired by many things in my life…and it is always magical. When I encounter the allusive wisdom…I know it…I feel it…and yet it is difficult to replicate.

Sadness surrounds us wearing it’s cloak of suffering and sorrow… We peer into each other’s tired eyes…and then comes the morning…

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