Sunday has its own feel. It is a free and easy day filled with wonder and amusement and the seeking of hidden spiritual truths. I have been perusing potential Father’s Day gifts. A very enjoyable pass time. I love watches and knifes and I collect both. I bought for myself a wooden watch. It was $49.95 on Father’s Day Sale…for 12 more hours. I checked after 12 hours and my watch had been placed on sale again…for an additional 12 hours. Campus was a solitary experience this morning. The squirrels and I had an enjoyable visit. I have reflected recently regarding what Sunday meant to me when I was young and with two small boys and working 60 – 80 hours per week. First I was exhausted and MJ and Aaron and Jonathon were looking for some quality time with Dad. I was looking for sleep. In any case we were dedicated to church in the morning…unless we were running late…and then it was a Cracker Barrel Breakfast. If it was not a Cracker Barrel Breakfast…there was a Godfather’s Pizza Lunch. Often we visited the Carbondale University Mall…which was humming with activity. There were Swim Sundays at Cedar Lake and trips to Grandma and Grandpa in Eldorado…where the dinner would either be Dad’s Restaurant or Nemo’s Pizza. Grandpa Earl loved Nemo’s Pizza and he was a personal friend of Nemo, who was the owner. Grandpa told us story after story about Nemo, who he swore was from Poland, and his lively discussions with him. We had introduced Grandma Neva June to Franzia boxed wine. This was in the early 1990’s and MJ and I had seen on the CBS program, 60 Minutes, that the French consumed heavy food laden with cream sauces and yet were not troubled with cholesterol and the attribution to their health was red wine. We considered that if it was good enough for the French…it was good enough for the Brooks… So, Grandma followed us in our dedication to Franzia boxed red wine. She kept it on store for us…when we made our weekly visit. Neva June would happily announce to us that she had not touched the wine box since our last visit. She then proceeded to pour MJ and I a 12 ounce tumbler of fine Franzia red wine. I then removed myself to Earl’s easy chair and consumed the glass like a glass of water or milk. I was amazed at how I did not feel any ill effects from what was a significant amount of red wine. I felt so relaxed and at ease with myself and the world around me…that I thought…one more 12 ounce tumbler was just what the doctor ordered… Upon drinking the second tumbler of Franzia…I fell asleep. Suddenly I heard Earl announce that the Nemo’s Pizza had arrived. I began to stir…and I felt a bit out of body and slightly ill. I discovered that I was unable to consume any Nemo’s Pizza. I required significant sleep before returning to Elkville.

Many years ago I attended a non-denominational church in Elkville, Illinois that had an afternoon service and a night church service. In between the two service it was potluck dinner at the church. There were some fascinating delicacies at the church dinner that was eaten at some fold out tables and primarily in the pews. Old natives of Southern Illinois and one young person, me, enjoyed fried chicken and biscuits and gravy and apple pie and cherry cobbler…that was cooked in lard. I always felt full and content and a…little ill…after the repast. Sister Minnie Mae Hill was the Lord of the Feast…and her word was law. After attending a 2 to 3 hour afternoon service and a heavy dinner…it was difficult to remain awake for the Sunday Night Worship Service. Many songs were sung and numerous chorus were repeated. We departed that if not for our holiness…certainly for our fortitude…we were saved from the wrath to come.

Sunday is a day of peace. It is a day of reconciliation and repentance for wrong done against our brothers and sisters of our human family. Sunday is a day of joining hands and appreciating each other…as we walking back, together, to Jerusalem.

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  1. Sunday is also a day to have a long lie in bed, and if you are very lucky someone to bring you breakfast in bed and share it with you.

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