June Is Moving On

Time intrigues me. The passing of time is a mystery and difficult to see clearly through the dark mirror that we are looking through. To realize that it is nearing the 4th of July and that the Brooks have been back from Miramar Beach, Florida for over a month and that there is less than 3 months until our Booth Bay, Maine adventure…makes me feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle who slept for 20 years after drinking liquor given him by mysterious Dutchmen. When Mr. Van Winkle woke up…he was in a very different world than he had fallen asleep in.

Last June we were in the midst of our Pandemic. Most businesses were closed or having limited service. Thousands of people a day were dying. Solitary isolation was the practice for all of us. Children had to be home schooled and millions of employees worked from home. Millions more were laid off their restaurant and bartender positions. There was no promise that there would be a vaccine in 2021….perhaps you have noticed….there is no promise of anything… As the longest running daytime Soap Opera, beginning in 1965, say, ‘Like sands through the hour glass…so are the days of our lives.’

As I have gotten older…I like older things. When I was young I considered antiques old junk. Now I consider them items to be cherished. Jonathon and I visited Electric Larry’s today and I purchased a little G.I. Joe, probably from the 1990’s. I never thought that I would consider the 1990’s…vintage.

It dawned on me, a long time ago, that whatever you want to do in this life…you should begin making plans to do it. So much of our days are taken up with planning for our future. It is painfully obvious to me when I listen to politicians and members of the upper 5% economically in our nation…that they plan on living for ever. Why else would a political leader lie and cheat and steal and turn their back on our Constitution and refuse to shake hands with a member of the Capitol Police that risked his life to save the ignorant servant of the people. Whatever happened to backing our men and women in Blue? How did we degenerate and bastardize our sworn dedication to democracy…whereupon many of our political leaders are more in tune with president Putin of Russia…than the principles that they took an oath to uphold?

So we pass by the homeless as we enter our favorite 5 star restaurant. The experience dims, momentarily, our Joie de vivre…we may talk for a few moments as to what caused the poor person by the door…to sleep rough. We wonder where the authorities are that are paid by our tax dollars to assist such an individual. The we order the most lovely of calamari and salmon and crab cakes…for our appetizers…

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  1. I love your choice of photos. Perfect!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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