A Wonderful Father’s Day

Aaron and Jonathon and Mary Jane and I were bound for ‘Mary Janes’ in Cape Girardeau, Missouri yesterday. Yes MJ likes Mary Janes… We hoped to beat the church crowd. When we arrived a little after 11:00 A:M: the hostess told us that there would be a 40 – 45 minute wait…so much for beating the crowd. Yet the atmosphere was jovial and light and we went upstairs to the lounge where we could sit for the anticipation of delectable cuisine and wonderful mixed drinks. The wait was only 15 to 20 minutes until we were seated at our table. They have an appetizer called Fried Sprouts…that is to die for… Although they are large enough for 4 people we ordered 2 servings and enjoyed them immensely. I can not recall when we all laughed so heartily and felt anymore relaxed…it was a joy and a pleasure. It was Brunch at Mary Janes…and I ordered Smoked Salmon Beignets. This fabulous meal consisted of a foundation of a potato pancake…and a large piece of smoked salmon…a fried egg…topped with hollandaise sauce.

Father’s Day gifts were just to my liking. A Kramer 12 inch tall figurine, from Jonathon. An engraved wooden pocket watch from Aaron. A knife case and new shoes from MJ…and she reminded me…a new car. I asked her what about next year….and she simply smiled….

Gifts are wonderful…I am like the little girl at the Bed and Breakfast in Maine several years ago…who upon hearing that there would be pudding with breakfast who said…’I like pudding.’ However my greatest gifts are Aaron and Jonathon and MJ. They are profound and unparalleled gifts that keep on giving and who without them…my life would be a dismal failure and a terrible loss. I have never had difficulty in feeling fulfilled or complete or wondered what i was supposed to accomplish in life…all I have to do is look at the Three Brooks Musketeers to have my clear answer.

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  1. The gift that keeps on giving, I like that.

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