Cool and Peaceful On The Second Day of Summer

Seventy degrees fahrenheit in our neck of the woods…and does it ever feel good after the over 100 degree heat factors that we have had for the last week or more. It is the kind of comely climate that you want to luxuriate in and not to leave. It is reminiscent of September…which begins my 4 favorite months. I would rather be a tad to cool than a degree to warm… I like to watch people. We humans enjoy seeing others of our own ilk. We are interested in what the other humans are doing. We wonder what they are eating…and if you do not think so…just open your Facebook account. We enjoy hearing stories about others…when I was younger we called this gossip. But not only gossip but just any story that we can identify with and feel akin to and understand how much more we are alike…than we are different. We love babies. We were all a baby at our beginning…we have been around babies for much of our lives…and babies say to us that we are marching on…we are not defeated…we are continuing… Laughter is good medicine. When we laugh together our souls communicate. We relate on a biological level. Laughter is a universal language that has no communication barriers.

When we see others doing something similar to what we have done…or perhaps the same activity…we feel like family…we understand them better…we can almost read their mind. Speaking of reading minds…have you ever noticed that wives and husbands often complete each other’s sentences? Our brains make connections…whether it be on a church board or an office setting. We look for shared experiences. We look for commonalities. If we find enough experiences that unite us…we tend to diminish or forget what divides us… We seek a soul touch… We are seeking someone who ‘Gets Us’…someone who know what we are thinking…sometimes before we realize it. Fellowship and community and oneness…can be achieved with ease…if we are into each other…if we care…if the journey is taken…together…

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