Mind Expansion…For Senior Citizens

MJ disclosed to me when I mentioned that I could not help but notice that she was reading a lot…that she had purchased Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month. Just observing her captivated interest as she reads her Kindle Unlimited books on her IPad…made me want to jump into the Kindle Stream of literary joy and brain cognition. So I did. I have been about half a day trying to figure out why, since I joined the Kindle Unlimited for a 30 day free trial and subsequently began downloading free books to read…and even a free subscription to Readers Digest…which I have missed for the last 25 years, why the magical downloads were not showing up in my Kindle Applications on either my I Phone or my I Pad. I have wrestled with this conundrum for the past 4 or more hours…and finally it dawned on me that my Kindle Applications on my devices were old and under an old email and password. Problem solved and I feel like a new man!

MJ has always been a voracious reader. When we were first married, in 1978, she would easily read a book a week. I would read a book a month. We did not watch television…we did not own a television. On the rare occasions that I would see a television show…I would consider how much less fulfilling that TV was as compared to reading. Reading is an immersive experience. Reading is time travel and international travel…all rolled into one sublime experience. Many of my most memorable experiences that fashioned my life…came from reading.

Reading envelopes the participant in a cocoon of another reality…another world. After reading I feel centered and calm and reflective. Life does not seem so manic and frenetic and requiring my supreme energies at every moment and at every turn and juncture. I read, on Father’s Day, two books…one written and illustrated by Liz Climo, called, You’re Dad, and the other entitled Summer Camp Critter Jitters, authored by Jory John and illustrated by Liz Climo, and both treatise put me in an excellent mood and a settled frame of mind. Our Pastor, Kerry, often reads from children’s literature and my son Jonathon loves books for young people…I think I will follow their example. I can remember reading the book, Across Five Aprils, when I was in the sixth grade. I had a terrible cold…which was common for me all thru out my childhood…and the comfort of the narrative acted like a balm for my body and soul. I felt appreciably better for just being in the world of the book.

Bookstores excite me…now and when I was a child. Johnathon and I have a book collection of upwards of 1,000 volumes…when I am surrounded by books…I feel safe and secure…and in the groove of what life was intended to be. MJ and my friend, Jo Ann, had a room that was her library. She stood in the middle of the room on one occasion that we were visiting her and said that she felt hidden from the world when she stood there surrounded by her many shelves of books. I can relate. Books are a surety for me that our world has not gone off of its rails… Books assure me that I am surrounded by knowledge and at times wisdom…and that I can avail myself of the treasures of the bounty of the hundreds of authors…at any time that I wish. Readers create thinkers. Thinkers examine what they are told by leaders both political and religious. Readers question what they are told for fact. They seek empirical and scientific evidence. The seek peer review…they seek verifiable facts…they seek evidence of claims and assertions.

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