Have you communicated today? I suppose that there is not a day that goes by where we do not communicate in many forms. Have you ever verbally stated something on several occasions…only to discover that the person or people that you are talking with either do not recall what you said…or have forgotten it completely? Silence is a true form of communication. If a colleague takes the liberty to speak for you and suggest that you will be happy to perform a task…and you are silent…that is not consent…

Over the past 50 years I have been a member of twice as many boards and committees and study groups and advisory conclaves…as years served. The first element of a successful Board is teamwork. If people do not collaborate…you have a group of Lone Rangers without even Tonto…as their sidekick.

Human Connection is achievable in committee settings. Not only in the Board room but in your office or in a social event…it is vital that the chair of the Board has a clear understanding of the opinions and feelings of each member of the group. Without that human connection and one on one communication…you have a prescription for disfunction.

As a manager/administrator for 25 years at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…there was nothing that I worked more diligently on than communication…and nothing that I failed on more regularly when miscommunication occurred. No matter how large the Board or Committee that a Chair or a Moderator oversees…they will have a poor understanding of the thoughts of the individual members of the group if they do not take the time to know them and form a personal connection with each of them…as much as is possible.

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