Happy Feet

My step has been lighter the past few days. I think that it must be a wining combination of a wonderful Father’s Day and the unusually cool temperatures that we have been enjoying. I have been so fortunate in my life to have nice things happen to me and nice people to help me.
When I hear others speak of people being out to get them or do them ill will…I have to say that by and large that has not been my experience. Oh I have experienced many ups and downs on our rollercoaster of life…but the good has outweighed the bad.

Rather than being marginalized…I primarily am treated with kind respect and consideration. I have been marginalized…more than once…thus I can write about it from firsthand experience. But…I write from a position of joy and satisfaction that I did not let the naysayers bring me down…to what they perceived was the level that I should be on. So, I have always been comfortable in my skin. I have always known who I was. I continue to understand what I want to accomplish. Humility is beautiful…a sycophant…is not…

You are unique…no one is like you…why not do a happy dance for the power that God has given you…

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