Compromise Is Not A Dirty Word

I watched with great joy this afternoon as President Biden announced a bi-partisan agreement on an infrastructure bill. I marveled as Republican and Democrats stood together in agreement on a just under 1 trillion dollar bill that our country has desperately needed for many years. The bill was agreed on by both sides…compromising. Neither received everything that they wanted. That is called…democracy. We are the United States…not 50 separate kingdoms with the governors and legislatures ruling over stand alone fiefdoms. We are a Federalist system not a feudal system. Being an Old Salt…I remember when Democrats and Republicans worked together and subsequently moved our nation forward. I recall when the Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, and President Ronald Reagan, for whom I voted…twice, were friends and had cocktails together at the end of the day. It seems like only yesterday when our House of Representatives and our Senate were filled with Stateswomen and Statesmen…not individuals who are more interested in holding on to their jobs…than the good of our country.

Recently I had the honor and privilege of serving on our church Board for the First Presbyterian Church U.S.A. The Board, called Session, is compromised of members of the congregation that are elected from the congregation as representative government for the group. There were many Presbyterians in the group whom we call our Founding Fathers…who formed our government after the representative government of their church. Simply said…you can have a democratic government or an authoritarian government…which is why we first sailed over on the Mayflower.

Members of a successful marriage understand how to compromise… Often you will hear it said that marriage is a 50/50 compromise. However to be a part of a truly pristine marriage that will stand the test of time, as popular comedian Chris Rock says…you may be relegated to being the member of the band that plays the tambourine. Play that tambourine as hard as you can…Chris advises.

During my years as the president of the Civil Service Council at SIUC I was privileged to request considerations and benefits for nearly 2,000 civil service staff on the Carbondale Campus. We were successful in obtaining several nice considerations for our group. We did not accomplish those advances by being intransigent and obtuse. Every thing that we gained was by compromise.

A populist politician assures the voters that when he or she is placed in office that prayer will be returned to the classroom and the Bible will be held high…and In God We Trust will be restored to our land. The primary question to ask yourself is the loquacious defender of faith and truth speaking of your faith…or theirs?

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