Night Blog

It is after 9:00 P:M: and it feels like 88 degrees on the writing porch. Although the porch is screened in there are still tiny flying insects that find their way inside. I love hearing the frogs croak as they sit around our pond and tell war stories to each other. The sounds of the night are intriguing and melodic. It is a cloudy evening and I can see little outside the walls of my outdoor/indoor enclosure. The knowledge that there is a plethora of living creatures within my hearing and just a few feet away…that I can not see…is mysterious. As I sit writing with the porch lights on…they are watching me…and wondering what I am doing and why I am not in my house.

Life is a bit dark as we stare into the void. It has been said that past practices can predict future results…but that is not always true for we residents of our beautiful blue planet. The old west cavalry had a person who was appointed the lookout for the group. He would ride ahead of the rest and see what was coming…what was in store for them. Sometimes the news was good…and at other times it was not so good. We still rely on our lookouts. We humans can not see everything. In fact our vision is poor as compared to many members of the animal kingdom. So may times our reality is what is in front of our face. Our peripheral vision can not be relied upon to provide us with a clear understanding of what is going on…either on our righthand or our left. That is why we need each other. We are safest and we function optimally when we work together.

Poverty separates us from our lookouts. Domestic abuse separates us from those who should be caring for our needs. Marginalizing members of our city or town….our faith community…separates us from our natural support system. Many people that you see or meet are living in a dark reality. Have you ever been down on your luck…have you ever needed a dollar…and did not know a way of obtaining one? Have you ever been hungry and you lied about it to others…because you were ashamed of you lowly estate…

I think I hear cicadas singing. They only come to see us every 17 years. The 2021 group is called Brood X. The cicadas are calling out to each other. They want to be with their group. They want to fellowship together…and sing…loud… We can take a lesson from the cicadas…let us call out to each other…

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