Canned Laughter

It has been a lovely 4th of July. Yesterday was Rib Eye steaks and MJ’s, ‘To Die For,’ baked beans. Today was pizza from Quatros…which is always a delight. It sounded like a genuine battle outside our house last evening as the fireworks were detonated in loud succession. As I watched some of the holiday festivities in Washington D.C. I was reminded of what a difference a year makes. If our Pandemic has taught us anything is has taught us that nothing is guaranteed. Freedom of travel and celebration and assembly…can be altered by the fear of death from a horrible virus. The poor of the land have always known that life is frail and tenuous and as Thomas Hobbs in his Leviathan, ‘No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’

So, we cherish our lives and they have become sweeter as we see them through the prism of what they were and could be again. I heard the singer, David Crosby, say that when there is so much information to assimilate it is difficult to synthesize it to a useful product. However when much of the static of modern life is removed we tend to focus more clearly on what matters for our happiness and peace of mind.

Sameness and repetition tends to dull our senses to the reality that our lives can changes in the blink of an eye. But…just like they sometimes change for the worst…they also change for the better. We find ourselves in such a wonderful world…that is full of love and laughter and real experiences and not…canned laughter. If you are a television viewer you have heard canned laughter. This is laughter that is added to comedies and other programs to facilitate the illusion that there is a studio audience that is laughing at the comedic activities and hijinks. At times we have our own form of canned laughter that governs our actions and lives. We like to run with the crowd and be a member of the gang. To stand out and to be different is painful to our innate sense of fitting in and not making waves. We hear the canned laughter all around us in our daily lives and we laugh along…without understanding the joke…

Freedom of thought and purpose and religion and speech…are some of our most precious values…until they do not mesh with the governmental or religious or academic power structure. There is a Quantum Physics theory that we are all members of a computer program and therefore are busily going about our assigned roles in the desktop game of Earth and its inhabitants. Perhaps that is where deja vu comes from….old players that have been assigned new roles…and we still have a dim memory… Alexa from Amazon…according to news reports…has been waking people up in the morning….with a hideous laugh…

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  1. I myself find it difficult in this new environment of the young, it seems to be a closed world of following as directed. Where is the adventure and imagination of my youth in today’s children? They seem to be moving as directed, but that’s a worn-out sign. let us hear from the child, who not only wishes to move into the White House but when s/he does so, will then wish to paint it yellow.

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