Repairing Daniel Boone

Well, I dropped off the old television set this morning at Southern Recycling in Carbondale. We had it 7 or 8 years…and it died…or as the New Zealand actress Fern Southerland often said in the detective series we watched that was set in New Zealand… when she came upon another dead body…’He’s deed.’ I telephoned the owner of the Recycling establishment and asked him how I should deliver the ‘Deed television?’ He said just pull into the building and leave it…’You give us nothing and we give you nothing.’ I then understood as I have been party to such an arrangement on several occasions. Still, I felt a bit like a unsavory person leaving my junk on another persons doorstep.

Years ago, before I retired, MJ told me that for my birthday that year I could purchase several vintage toys that I had enjoyed as a child. She had often heard my lamentations regarding my mom burning… in the prescribed burning barrel…all of my toys and comic books and even vinyl records after I moved away from home at the mature age of 17. Now to give mom her due she did tell me on more than one occasion that I should come to Eldorado and retrieve my childhood treasures or she was going to dispose of them. I had the Western Action figures of Johny West and his sidekick Chief Cherokee. I possessed the army soldier, Stony, who was a knock off of the more popular GI Joe figures. I had a detective with multiple disguises. My buddy, Jackie, had my most coveted Action Figure, Daniel Boone based on the actor Fess Parker who portrayed Mr. Boone on a weekly television series. I could not find Daniel Boone at the Ben Franklin Dime Store. He was similar to my army man, Stony, in that his legs were in a fixed position and not like the fully articulated GI Joe figures. So I set about ordering not 1 or 2 but 3 Daniel Boone figures from EBay. They were not cheap. They were for retail sale in the early 1960’s. That is when I wiled away many Saturdays with my friend Jackie Brooks at his home in Parrish Addition in Eldorado, Illinois. Jackie knew that I wanted to play with his Daniel Boone action figure. He withheld him from my hungry grasp. He looked just like the actor, Fess Parker, and I was amazed at the resemblance. My cousin, Billy, had a Rifleman figurine riding a horse…that I coveted because the Rifleman was fashioned after the actor who portrayed the Rifleman…Chuck Connors.

Jonathon revealed to me, last night, that my prized Daniel Boone action figure was broken. He had lost an arm and the arm was broken. We feared it was the house cleaners…but accidents happen. Today I glued his arms onto his body and his broken wing back together. He is almost 60 years old. We folks in our 60’s require repairs and mending. Daniel has followed me for the majority of my life…we old folks have to stick together…

Mike Hazzard is the name of action figure with many disguises from the 1960’s. He is on sale on Ebay for $449.00. I have been collecting the small GI Joes at Electric Larry’s here in town. They hale from the 90’s. Today I ordered from Etsy an antique GI Joe from the 60’s. I love vintage and antique toys…

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