Magical Thinking

Progress is incremental. Change is the art of the possible. Hope is doing all that you humanly can do…and faith in God’s mercy. Simply put, christianity and christian acts do not fly in the face of common sense. I was visiting with a friend the other day and he recounted the time when he was on a church board and he voted against a fiscally irresponsible act. I have been a member of a few churches during my 52 year christian journey. On more than one occasion I have been exhorted to trust God for our financial needs…while significant debt was incurred…in the name of faith. That type of courage is remarkable when you are dealing with other peoples money. I witnessed a church file for bankruptcy due to lack of funds to cover their operational needs.

We still have a pandemic crisis in our country. People are refusing to be vaccinated. There are a variety of reasons for their refusal…although all of them are potentially deadly to the obdurate non-vaccinated person. Political leaders and religious leaders, in many of our states, are advising their constituents and their’ parishioners to not get the vaccine. Perhaps they should visit the intensive care wards as the same people, who trusted them, breath their last breath…

Life is resplendent with unlimited possibilities. Our future is often as wonderful as we can visualize. However there are no shortcuts to reaching our dreams. Practical christianity builds powerful churches and solid and secure happy lives. As my old pastor often said, ‘Stay on track.’ He even had a tie tac that was fashioned like a train track.

January 6th…really did happen. The insurrectionist were not brimming over with love and good will…they were criminals. Truth is supported by verifiable facts. We can not say that the, ‘Sky is falling like Chicken Little did, without concrete evidence that is accepted by the ancient measure and ruler of…common sense. Someone said that the Biden stimulus checks were causing people to not seek employment due to making more on unemployment. This would be the case for all social programs. A small group abuse the program and a majority desperately need the assistance to put food on their table…to feed their children and to keep a roof over their heads. By the way…if unemployment pays more than working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet…perhaps there is something that is desperately wrong with what we pay our working class in this…the richest of all countries on the face of the earth?

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