Dinner With Friends

Last evening, MJ and Jonathon and I went to dinner with our church’s Dinner Group. This was my first meeting with our Presbyterian friends since the outbreak of the Pandemic…and it was wonderful to see so many smiling faces. We have been separated for well over a year…and they were a sight for sore eyes. We sat with Sharon and Phil…and they simply are special people. They both are so friendly and warm hearted… that they remind me of what a great vocation…christianity is. Each diner looked so happy to be in the company of their faith community family. As we spoke with many in the group I was struck with the significant physical and family challenges and loss that my friends have had to deal with in the last 16 – 17 months. We were forced to live in a bubble…’but no man is an island.’ We need each other like we need oxygen and food and sunlight and rain. When we are alone we are like an isolated piece of a puzzle. When others look upon us it is a bit difficult to determine where we fit in the completed masterpiece. But, when we come together…we have a different look about us…we have a unique shine…we have a revealed purpose…

Friends stir up each others minds and enrich each others hearts. Friends like you in your good times and in your not so good times. Unconditional love is the ideal of Christ teaching. It is transformative. It projects your best image…back to you. Friends make us better…

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