‘A Word Fitly Spoken Is Like Apples Of Gold In Pictures of Silver’

It is a magnificent Monday. I was watching my new favorite limited series on HBO, White Lotus, and took note of one of the characters joy in hearing that he did not have cancer…because he was confident that he did and was dying of the disease. This wealthy family as well as a few more are on holiday in Hawaii. The father is ecstatic with his good medical news and is filled with joy as he proclaims the life affirming news to his family. They are underwhelmed and his son and daughter seem unaware of his life threatening concern just the day before. He tells his son that he wants to spend more bonding time with him and that he has enrolled them in an 8 hour scuba class to qualify them to scuba dive in the ocean. At first the son is very much against spending 8 hours of his holiday learning to scuba dive..but he feels his dad’s sincerity and thus acquiesce to the paterfamilias request. The father recounts that he has a renewed lease on life and feels that it is possible for us to be born each day into the wonders of life. I have felt just like the dad in White Lotus. We tend to forget or shut our eyes like the member of three monkey brigade…’to see no evil.’ When in reality the gift of life is our supreme gift from the Great Spirit…and should be renewed each day.

I recently resigned from our church board. I had planned on doing a year term and ended up staying two years and four months. I am convinced that I bring very little to leadership positions and thus I hold them with a loose grasp. Barb Stewart, our churches Administrative Assistant telephoned me and asked if I could stop by the office and sign the staff evaluations that I had participated in prior to my resignation. Now…Barb has always been a beacon of light in our church. In days that I felt like no one seemed to see me or know me….Barb saw me and valued me. Her kind words today regarding my service on Session and her sadness that I had resigned…made my day and I left her feeling that perhaps I had made a little difference during my short stay.

So, tomorrow we go for the new Subaru Forester. I vividly recall when I drove a 1963 Ford Fairlane with a hole in the floor. Before… I walked everywhere that I needed to travel due to not being able to afford an automobile. Some of my friends considered me a bit of an underachiever. I am a somewhat likened to the tortoise and the hare…with me having the role of tortoise. A friend of mine at the University told me, not long before my retirement, that she had learned my modus operandi…and that being that I succeeded by being underestimated. She noted that Chancellors of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale tended to underestimate me…and that I subsequently achieved my goals for the Civil Service Staff that I represented as the president of the Civil Service Council. I remarked that I often thought of myself as the vintage Television Detective Colombo…staring the veteran actor Peter Falk. In the Colombo television series Colombo always seemed to be a bit bumbling and disheveled and attempting to catch up to the vagaries of the case that he was investigating. I think that I feel a bit like Detective Colombo…and I hope for the positive outcomes that he was able to achieve…

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  1. very good

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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