The Holidays Are Coming

Now I am certain that you think that the title of this blog is a bit unusual. It is July 20th and when someone refers to the approach of the holidays it usually begins with Thanksgiving. However, you must remember this…my favorite months of the year begin with September. The former Muscular Dystrophy Telethon with Jerry Lewis was a touchstone for me and the beginning of my season. This September a holiday is planned to one of our favorite destinations, Maine. After Maine comes my birthday on October 24th. This is a major holiday in the Brook’s home…with me fully enjoying every minute…and the family going along for the rollercoaster ride… I used to have 3 birthday dinners…and sometimes 4…this year it may just be 1…but it will be a good one! Then comes Halloween. I have become a Halloween aficionado in recent years.

Aaron’s birthday is in November and will we celebrate…as it is a special birthday with a special number. As my mom often said…’We will open a keg of nails…and count out 40…

When I was a lad Thanksgiving was but a precursor to Christmas. We had neither turkey dinner…nor turkey leg…but we did have the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…and, ‘dreams of sugarplums dancing in our heads.’ MJ will hear nothing of not observing her favorite holiday…Thanksgiving. She has hosted Thanksgiving Dinner for 30 years. When Turkey Day arrives…she is in her element!

It is Christmas in my head…year round. I love everything about it. I especially enjoy the transformation in people. There seems to be more compassion and caring for each other during this magical time of the year. There is a bit of a Christmas Spirit that rest lightly on our shoulders for this short period where it seems possible that we really all are members of the same family. Hope and faith and love for each other dances around our daily hustle and bustle…and we suddenly see the poor that are among us. For a time it is not only gratitude and thanksgiving for what we have…but it is about what can we give others. The transformation and the redemption of Scrooge and the joy in Tiny Tim’s eyes…can be seen through the darkness…

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