Nice People…Make Life Pleasant

My last two days have. been marked and made better by nice people. You may not believe it…but there are a lot of nice people in our world. Our Subaru Salesperson, Alex Carter, is a gentleman and a scholar. We purchased a Subaru Forester Limited from him in December of 2020 and enjoyed it so much that we returned yesterday to purchase a second Subaru Forester, Touring, from Alex. Of course needing 2 new vehicles is the result of trading in a 2006 Honda in December and a 2008 Toyota Camry yesterday. We drive our vehicles a long time. We now have our 5th new automobile in over 43 years of marriage. The conservative manner in which we drive and put miles on our cars over the past 10 years…may mean that the Subaru Fleet will last us forever… What sold me on Subaru is their excellent safety features and the comfort and easy access of the cabin. When we were speaking with the Credit Manager, Grant, who is another nice person…he remarked that our Camry would be a good ride for a friend of his as he noted that he was certain that we took good care of it. I thought of the little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sunday…

On our December Forrester we had been struggling to sync our garage door opener to the button for that purpose that was in the Limited. When we picked up the Touring, yesterday, Alex asked if he needed to show us how to sync the SUV to our garage door opener…and we replied…with forlorn faces…that we had attempted to sync the Limited to our garage door opener for 50 times or more without success. Alex proclaimed that he would be happy to come to our home and sync both Subarus to their respective openers. He did so today at 10:00 A:M: and now we are in garage door opening nirvana… Alex Carter is the nicest and most helpful car salesperson that I have ever dealt with.

After over 10 years I needed to return the scrapings of my Gold Southern Illinois University Parking Decal as I finally traded automobiles. Johnell Agee waited on this old retiree with such kindness and good will that I must mention her lovely customer service… here. I had received new license plate on my Forester yesterday when I traded my Camry Hybrid. I had neither memorized the new number nor written it down prior to the long walk to the Parking Division. Johnell was kind enough to give me a note with her email on it to facilitate my emailing her the new number. I felt welcome from her first friendly greeting and I was impressed with her genuine customer service skills.

People can make people feel welcome and at home and glad to be in the business or church or Academic Institution that you represent. MJ and I visited Marion Subaru in December with no preconceived expectations. Our opinion of the dealership was an open book. I was struck with how the manager spoke to us at some length and recounted some of his history. I felt relaxed and I felt that I was dealing with honest people. That is worth it’s weight in gold…

Parking Division is not a place where every customer is a happy camper. Often they have received tickets that they want to complain about or contest. I spent my career in Building Services which is the housekeeping department of the Physical Plant. We had many happy customers and our share of disgruntled ones. My management philosophy was that the, ‘The customer was aways right.’ When I was given the charge of the entire department in 1997 I determined that we were going to make our enemies our friends and our friends…love us. My colleagues performed herculean tasks to make this departmental policy a demonstrated reality. I loved to shop at Famous Barr Department Stores. Virtually all of the sales professionals in the Carbondale store called me by name and welcomed me each time I was in their establishment. I felt like that I was a part of and a member in good standing of… Famous Barr.

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  1. You may not believe it…but there are a lot of nice people in our world. I know, I’m one. Honest Joe, the second-hand cars salesman, I don’t believe a word of it. Really enjoyed your blog, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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