Lifetime Subscription

SIRUS Radio is provided for 4 months for free in our new Subaru. When I purchased the 2007 Toyota Camry in August of 2010 I had a Lifetime Subscription for XM Radio which was, at that time, the rival Satellite Radio to SIRUS Satellite Radio. This wonderful subscription came with the installation of hardware to facilitate the transmission of satellite radio. When I asked the installers if lifetime meant my lifetime or the lifetime of the Camry…they remarked that it must be for the lifetime of the car. I drove the 2007 Toyota for just short of 11 years. So, MJ is reading an email that she received from Marion Toyota regarding their signing us up for our 4 months free SIURS/XM Satellite Radio and somewhat costly plans…but reduced from their regular price for the first year of the subscription. I noted that we must subscribe to the Platinum Plan as it offered a Sports Package and it included MLB…which she loves. She read on. Suddenly I heard her hooping and hollering that my Lifetime Subscription was really for my lifetime…according the the fine print from SIRIUS/XM and that there was a telephone number to call to facilitate having my lifetime subscription transferred to the Subaru Touring. This can not be done until November 20th…we have the date marked on our calendar.

Have you ever wondered how many lifetime subscriptions you have in our game of life? Christianity and my quiet faith in Christ has given me lifetime peace and happiness. I do not mean trouble free…’Troubles…boy I got them,’ but rather a settled sense of place and purpose and a comfort that is constant.

I have a lifetime subscription to the joy that MJ and Aaron and Jonathon bring me. They are the center point of my life and and I revolve around their awesome presence. I have never experienced the time that when I think of my family…I am not centered with contentment and a sense of purpose and a reason to be in the world.

People who are kind to me…purchase a lifetime subscription to my affection and admiration. Each kind word that I have received in my life…I have never forgotten. Anyone who has ever taken a genuine interest in me…has a lifetime subscription in my heart and mind and soul…

I have a passion to write and reach out to someone who is hurting or depressed or beaten back by the 100 foot waves of life. I remember what it felt like to be all alone and lonely and afraid of the requirements of what was necessary to produce what I needed to to succeed in this world. I recall how it feels to be underestimated and under appreciated in our world that is the accumulation of money and power and academic success.

I have a lifetime subscription to help somebody along the way. I want to lift the heavy burden and make the load lighter. I desire to hear the, ‘weak say that I am strong and the poor say that I am fed.’ I wonder how a poor boy like me…has been so blessed by others who cared about me…and the tender mercies of the Great Spirit…

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  1. You deserve a lifetime subscription of love from all your family and friends. You are truly blessed. Interesting share that radio in the car comes with a subscription fee. I have taken it for granted as in Lil Red Dot Singapore, there are no fees. They drop the licence fees way back. Now it is free radio and free tv. Then there is cable TV that charges whopping fees.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Yes we have free radio here also. The Satellite 🛰 radio provides stations that are similar in variety to cable tv. Everything from old time radio shows to jazz music. Radio stations that are unavailable on regular radio.

      1. Thanks for clarifying. Enjoy your weekend ahead.

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