Make Someone Smile

Yesterday I had the most lovely experience of being able to get several photos and short videos of a Great White Heron flying. Although we have a Great White that visits our pond, at home, I have never been able to snap a good photo of the majestic prehistoric looking bird. However at Campus Lake yesterday I had my golden opportunity. Watching the fantastic fowl take flight made me smile.

I have been taking photos for many years in Campus Woods and Campus Lake…but I have not had the good fortune to snap as many pictures of one of my favorite birds before yesterday.

Few things make me happier in a day than something that causes me to smile. When I smile my entire day is uplifted and brightened. I saw my friend, Sarah, this morning on Campus walking her beautiful dog. The dog licked my hand and I petted her and remembered what it was like to have 1 dog and 2 dogs…and 3 dogs…and I smiled.

Smiling people make those whom they are smiling at…smile. It is hard to remain discouraged when when a fellow human traveler smiles at you. Their smile says volumes about them…and about you. They are saying that they are glad to see you and that they value you. When you smile back you are responding that you recognize their goodwill and that you feel good to be seen by them…and appreciated for your shared journey on the pathway of life.

Laughing is just a herculean smile…that takes over your entire body… The scripture says that, ‘Laughter does good like a medicine.’ Laughing is good. medicine. It is difficult to recall what you were so worried about…when you laugh.

Do you want to know what universally makes people smile…babies…

I hope that you smiled when you read my humble blog…

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