Parker Gulley was a rescue dog. She had been thrown out of a moving automobile and had her jaw broken. The vet had to reset the jaw and remove three teeth. When we first saw her she was a tiny bundle of soft black fur and sharp little teeth. She captured our hearts completely. In a matter of a few weeks she developed allergies to such an extent that it appeared she was dying prior to her first birthday. One early morning, around 2:00 A:M:, she defecated and urinated while at the same time vomiting. I awakened MJ and told her that Parker appeared to be dying and that she would want to get up if she wanted to see her while she was still alive. As MJ feverishly began telephoning to find an emergency veterinary hospital to take her to…she suddenly became calm and went to sleep. Parker received allergy shots on a monthly basis for the rest of her life. She also had a preponderance of fatty tumors that we she underwent surgery for…twice…and yet found that they were not cancerous. We loved Parker and cared for her like a child.

Look around you and you will see…friends and colleagues that need someone to rescue them. Many are homeless…yet they live in a house. Many are ill, not only physically, but mentally. Mental illness is an illness that most people will experience in some form during sometime of their life…and yet it is unspoken and often unseen. The ignorant saying, ‘Suck it up buttercup, when referring to mental distress…destroyed countless people. Simone Biles is a hero for protecting her mental health and listening to her body.

We all need rescue from our biases and prejudices. We need to be rescued from the, ‘John Wayne form of christianity,’ which leads us to believe that the tougher we are…the more christian and god fearing that we are. Insurrectionist stormed our United States Capitol on January the sixth. They crushed and beat the police officers. They announced that they were going to kill a police officer with his own gun. They called African American police officers the N Word. The same insurrectionist…prayed in the Capitol Rotunda… for god to give them the victory over the democratically elected representatives of our government…both Republicans and Democrats.

Fantasy and conspiracy theories have captured the imagination of many of us. There is currently a virulent Pandemic of the unvaccinated in our nation. One hundred million of us have refused to get one of the readily available Covid vaccines. It has gotten so bad that the Center For Disease Control has advised that all people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, should return to wearing face masks in academic settings as well as businesses and faith communities. Now how did this happen. How did we reject the common sense of when I was a lad…where I stood in line with the rest of my classmates and received the Polio Vaccination. How have we laid aside the common sense of our grandparents and our parents and become a Twilight Zone Land of the Lost? How do we ascribe that we ‘Back The Blue’. which I have always believed in…and yet turn our head when our…white…brothers and sisters…beat them within an inch of their lives? That is not Conservative versus Liberal…this is people who live in an empirical reality…and people who live in an alternate universe…or on Earth 2…

Rescue us from not caring about the people that Jesus cared about the most during his ministry. Jesus loved what we often call…marginalized. He cared for the poor and the needy and the sick and suffering…and the lonely. The Bible says that it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. When Christ was looking for the type of heart for others…those that love their neighbor as themselves…he found it in the disenfranchised and the marginalized and those who had been thrown out of a moving vehicle and had their jaw broken…

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  1. Yes, sometimes we all need saving, from ourselves.

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