Aaron came over and cut some of my most difficult weeds that are next to our backyard pond…just now. I always called the type of weeds that they are…Horse Weeds. Jonathon assisted me in some carpet cleaning this morning…they are good sons! Pastor Kerry preached an intriguing sermon this morning and one of the main take away points for me was…the complexity of God. A complex Creator created a complex creation. For instance, as Kerry illustrated in his sermon, King David, of the Old Testament, committed adultery with one of his leading warriors, Uriah the Hittite’s wife, and when Bathsheba became pregnant with their child…he sought to cover up his sin by ordering Uriah to go to his home. When Uriah refused the command due to his soldiers not being able to enjoy the comforts of their homes and wives…David commanded that Uriah be placed at the heat of the battle and that his comrades withdraw from him to ensure his death. God sent his prophet Nathan to tell David that God was aware of his sin…and David repented that he, ‘Had sinned before God,’…with no mention regarding the death of Uriah or the sexual abuse and perhaps rape of Bathsheba. Their first child died…but the second child was…Solomon.

Good things come from bad people. I have not met the person…and I will soon be 64 years old, who is entirely good…or entirely bad. The human creation is as varied and complex as the multitude of changing prisms of a kaleidoscope. I have done what is called ‘good things’ with several motivations fueling the enterprise. We desperately want life to be black and white…when it is almost always…gray. Former President Lyndon Baines Johnson was a champion of civil right and yet can be heard on tape using the N Word. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a hero of the Civil Rights Movement and yet had to be cajoled and dragged to the cause by events transpiring in the south. Dr. Martin Luther King is an icon of the Civil Rights Movement…and yet his morality was somewhat akin to King Davids.

And, so, today we look for the morally pure and the ethically upright and person who has unfailing love for their fellow man…and we come up short. That is what this life is about…coming up short… The search for perfection in any human being…is an exercise in futility. The dogma or belief that if you are holy enough or righteous enough or if you fast enough or pray enough that you are going to become an elite member of God’s Holiness Club…with all subsequent Gold Club Members Rights…is not only folly but a perverse motivation for the exercise of a christian walk back to Jerusalem.

Some of the meanest looking people in the world have been my friends. Some of the seemingly kindest and placid and peaceful people in my world have been passive aggressive personalities. You can not judge a book by its cover. No one sees what is in the heart of a human…but God. We are all members of a large Theatrical Production called Life… Our roles are written with the nuances of the master writer. God knows how to write a hell of a story…

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