‘Pack Up Your Dinosaurs and Leave The Room’

‘I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.’ Ray Bradbury

Truth comes packaged in the most unique phrases. Or as a good friend told me one time, ‘Jay…you really do your own thing.’ I must confess that I was born this way. As a youngster I watched adults say some very strange and hurtful utterances and make some terrible and counterproductive decisions. Although I have been in the midst of authority figures all of my life…I regularly observed them uttering commandments or strong suggestions that were not in the interest of the people that they were speaking to. For instance for a minister or pastor to suggest that you give of your meager finances…until it hurts…and god will give you riches untold…is an abuse of power. Or, if a supervisor or manager personalizes their role in your work life…such as suggesting that they may have to cast you down to hell…that leader has relinquished their right to hold a management position.

You can be in the wrong place. If friends and colleagues do not appreciate you for your individuality…find new friends and colleagues. So many times we join a group or engage in an activity because it seems that everyone else is doing so. That is a poor excuse for a reason to follow the leader…said the lemming at the back of the line…

Comfort in your own skin…is a life long blessing. To seek the praise and affirmation of the reflection that stares back at you…is a vocation that is worthy of your employment. I never liked sports. I have a pond in my backyard that I have not fished in for over 20 years. I do not know how to play any card games…but Old Maid. I love writing and reading and photography and travel. I am a movie aficionado. If you are a human on our planet…you are my brother and my sister.

Fierce individualism and free thinking are my mantras. I am a christian for the past 52 years and I believe that Christ reveals himself to individuals and that there is no man or woman who has cornered the market on what, ‘God said.’ I think that churches should stir up their leadership and open themselves to new thoughts and new ways of worship and to ask themselves the hard questions on what it means to be a christian and what it means to be a member of a church…

Freedom is youth…and youth understand freedom… We understood as children that life is a mystery and that anything was possible if we only believed. We knew that we could be astronauts and travel to space. We understood that we could become authors and actors…and the scientist that cures cancer….and even the President of the United States…

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