Garage And House Cleaning

Our August temperatures are still temperate. So I thought that I would do a little, necessary work, around the ranch. Since MJ and I both have new Subaru Foresters…I have noticed the cramped parking space on my side of the garage. In fact on one occasion I tapped the drivers side door on a bookshelf that we had been storing for many years. It was time for the bookshelf to go. There was no room in the Inn…for it. Burris Disposal had to be called. The nice lady at Burris told me to put my bookshelf and my long folding table, that we had used at Thanksgiving for many years, out by the curb and her colleagues would pick them up this morning. So, as Jonathon and I pulled the tall bookshelf next to Ash Wood Lane…we subsequently found a table top to add to the mix and a nice piece of particle board. This morning just after I arose from my slumber…I looked out of our window to see if my items had been removed. The bookshelf was no longer there nor the nice piece of particle board. Remaining was the much used Thanksgiving table and the table top. I called the nice lady at Burris. She called the technician that was commissioned with the removal of my unwanted items. He assured her that he had not visited my house as yet. My lesson learned…book shelves and lumber products…are valuable…

Look, as the newscasters say in every other sentence throughout the day, what do you do when part of your garage clean-up is taken, under the cover of darkness, by a person whose books are strewn upon the floor…you look for more to remove for disposal. So, away went a massive piece of packing material, made from the precious particle board, and two by fours. And…our new window screens that came with our new house in 2001. We had saved the screens for over 20 years…knowing that none of them fit any of our windows…

Vinyl siding is very popular in the United States. It has taken the place of the, miracle , aluminum siding of my youth. Before aluminum siding there was weatherboard that had to be painted on a regular basis. Aluminum was groundbreaking due to not having to be painted. It has the color on it’s surface…but if you scratch it off…it is the silver color of aluminum. In any case…in my neck of the woods…the wealthy people had brick or stone siding. The upper middle class had aluminum siding. And we poor folks had weatherboard. Vinyl is colorfast. People love it due to having no maintenance. But is has to be cleaned. In Southern Illinois mold and mildew are prevalent. Thus after the August 2021 Great Garage Clean Out…the Wedge Wood Blue Vinyl Siding Project…began today. At Lowes, which is a humongous do it your self store in the U.S., I discovered some vinyl siding cleaner that…according to the instructions…all you have to do is attach it to your garden hose and spray your siding down and allow it to air dry. The green mold and mildew is supposed to magically disappear over the course of one week. It is promised to get better every day. No need for a pressure washer or an extension pole with a scrub brush attached to the end of it… We will see.

Home improvements are a bit therapeutic. There is something about getting up and out and addressing the little pressing concerns that occupy you mind…that is peaceful and helpful and satisfying. Aluminum is aluminium in the United Kingdom. When we first visited our UK friends I heard Jeff spelling his last name, Lest-zed. I thought that I was hearing things until he told me that the alphabet letter Z is not recognized in the UK.

A large component of life is work. It is a Hollywood Myth that a life of bliss has not work or manual labor involved. We humans get up in the morning to accomplish something. When we fail to do so…we are sad and ultimately morose. Action and movement are life. Our brains are stirred up and our souls energized by forward movement and accomplishment. A life of rest and refreshing ceases to be enjoyable…if there is not work involved…

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  1. when we were converting the old YP hall into a soup kitchen to serve free meals to anyone in need that came along on a Sunday afternoon, there was stuff that had to go. If Bill could not find a use for anything or could not make a bob or two from it – well, he simply put it outside by the old metal railings, why withing no time at all it was gone, well someone had pinched it. That’s pampering to the law of nature, he should have been ashamed of himself.

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