Weaving In Chimayo, New Mexico

In August of 2017 we traveled to New Mexico to visit Ira Kaye and Ron. Facebook has reminded me, this week, of what a wonderful time that we had visiting so many picturesque places in and around Santa Fe. There was a photo of me on the beautiful grounds of their condo. I looked rather dapper for an old guy with my Irish hat on and my seersucker shorts. The facility had the most wonderful hot tub that Ron and I visited twice during the week that we were there. There was also a golf course on the grounds of the condo association and a wonderful full bar for the occasional libation. My buddy, Carson, led us to the best Margaritas in Santa Fe…and we sipped them slowly to ensure maximum pleasure and enjoyment. Santa Fe is an artistic community and the residents and population are easy going people that are easy to like. They see the world from more of a spiritual side rather than from the side of how much money can I accrue.

We were in the hunt for hand woven wool table runners and hand woven wool rugs…the kind that you hang on your wall. We drove to Chimayo, New Mexico, which is noted for it’s hand woven wool products. ‘In 1680, the Pueblo Indians revolted temporarily ending Spanish commitment to the region. The Tewa Indians named Chimayo as ‘Tsi-Mayoh,’ after one of four sacred hills above the valley, which lies directly behind Di Santuario de Chimayo. The Pueblo Indians believed that they shared their land with supernatural beings.’ So we stopped at a weaving shop and watched with rapt attention and amazement as a woman was hand weaving a wonderful wool rug.

We were hooked. We came home with 3 different table runners. Later, MJ ordered a rug from a craftsman in New Mexico and we have proudly hung at the juncture of our Great Room and Loft. We attended the famous Sant Fe Opera and enjoyed it immensely. It was an open air performance of Die Fledermaus and we wore the opera mask to illustrate our opera bona fides.

New Mexico is compelling in its scenic beauty and the Native American Sprits of generations long past. It has a beauty that is unique and a spirit that is pervasive. Life seems simpler in New Mexico. The grandiose costume of modern life yields to the natural beauty of the earth.

Rings are a passion of mine. I remember, many years ago in St. Louis, Missouri that my friend Steve said that he knew Jay Brooks and that I would not wear a ring that had diamonds in it. MJ had sought to purchase for me a nice and flashy diamond ring for our wedding…that we could not afford when we actually were married. There was a smaller one and a larger one…I chose the larger one. And, so, we stopped at a Jewelry Store in Chimayho. I found the most fantastic New Mexico style ring for just over $100 and purchased it forthwith. It is a fantastic ring! I am wearing it today…

During our visit to New Mexico we went to a little game reserve that Ira Kaye’s friend worked at. It was amazing to see the rescued wild animals that they had there.

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