The Pineapple Suite

A constant theme through the 6 episode limited HBO Series, The White Lotus, was that of a newlywed couple being placed in a different suite than the groom’s mother had booked for them at the White Lotus Resort on Kauai in Hawaii. The fascinating series was actually filmed at the Four Seasons Resort on Kauai. The groom strove to get he and his new brides room changed to the Pineapple Suite…to no avail due to it being occupied by a German Newlywed couple…and the Resort Manager’s increasing distaste for the young man’s continual harangue. So, as the series episodes progress and the young, rich, man gets involved and involves his mother, who made the initial reservation…and the Manager’s boss…the complaining mother and son get their passionate wish…The Pineapple Suite. Their first words were in regards to the ‘overdone pineapple decor’ and that they could not see the ocean…which they could from the better located room that they fought to be moved from. Finally, a knife comes with the room for the purpose of peeling…pineapples.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

So often what we believe that we need for our complete happiness…is not the answer. We seek a job that will provide; friendship and camaraderie for our social needs. We look to a marriage for a mirror image of ourself. We desire our significant other to reflect out idealized image of our perfect self. As we acquire resources we spend on better and bigger houses….and finer automobiles…and richer holidays…to supplant what is lacking in our hearts…and souls. We hope to be admired for our physical riches…and worry little about our inner life.

Pounds Hollow is in my thoughts much this summer. The waining days of meteorological summer are fast coming to an end. Pounds Hollow…as most of the swimming areas in Little Egypt will close on Labor Day. Floating on the deep water for hours on end, when I was a lad, crystallized life for me and renewed my perspective on what matters. I had forgotten that MJ and I travelled to Pounds Hollow several times after we were married. Nature has a flow and rythm that is much different than our manic race to the top of the Capitalistic Heap… There is more than fighting…there is more than blood/money…and the heady…drunken…myopic view that it brings… Look at your world in Long Exposure.

Dissatisfaction fuels our enterprise. Despair generates many of our life decisions. The desire to seek and acquire the spiritual in a physical world…leaves us continuing to come up short…and to seek the Pineapple Paring Knife…

Beware the Pineapple Paring Knife…

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on

Long Exposure photos are mysterious. I shot one of students on our Campus the other day…and the print looked like spirit wisps…walking.

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