A Happy Thought

I was enthralled with watching the new SIUC students joyfully drop ice on each others heads outside the Student Center this morning. They laughed and hooted and hollered and rejoiced that they were at University…and having fun with their friends. I felt better..just watching them. I wonder if we realize what a gift that we have been given? In a Universe that is full of Dark Matter…we have been given physical and measurable life. When we were young…we knew that our lives were full of promise and mystery…and adventure. We understood that each day brought new possibilities and challenges and a hope for our steady improvement. We loved travel…because we had not really seen anything. We enjoyed meeting people…as we did not know many people. We even appreciated the exhilaration of a bucket of ice on our heads…

Reversals have been served to me on a plate many times…cold. Life is chuck full of setbacks. Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong…will. There are no ICU Beds within a 200 mile radius of Southern Illinois. Perhaps we should all take heed and wear our face masks in public and social distance….and get a vaccine.

Fall is knocking on our door. School has begun across our region. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the leaves turning colors. My old boss, Joe, used to say that fall was crisp like Lipton Tea, and he was right. A sweater or a jacket suits me well. October is my birthday month. Birthdays create in me…a happy thought. As an old fellow…I appreciate each additional year. I vividly recall receiving the Big Swinger Polaroid Camera for my birthday when I was in the 6th grade. I felt like a professional photographer. This was the same year that I was studying the Tenor Saxophone under Mr. Prince tutelage. Mom snapped a photo of me, with my new Big Swinger, of my playing my tenor saxophone…which I loved. I took my new Polaroid with me on a school trip to New Harmony, Indiana. I still have the photos that chronicle my escapades in the 6th grade.

Happiness is being happy where you are…and with who you are. It is not a magical unattainable elixir. Most of our contentment comes from placing one foot in front of the other toward a worthy destination. We are the sum of our stories. Life on earth is a large collection of stories. When we reflect on our history…it is in story form. Focus on the good times…learn from the bad and then forget the hurt… Make a conscience effort to think happy thoughts. Remember the victories….walk over the defeats…

Photo by David Dibert on Pexels.com

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