Turkey Tomorrow

The wind is blowing 22 miles per hour and is forecast to gust at 40 – 45 miles per hour…later today. A change in the weather is on its way. MJ has been busy in the kitchen all morning…’And I haven’t touched a single bite.’ I remember the wonderful Thanksgivings that we had in our little four-room house in Elkville, Illinois. Many of the participants are no longer with us. One year we had 22 people…in four rooms…and it was grand and glorious. Grandpas Berl and Earl would be in the corner comparing war stories. Mary Jane and Ron and Tara would regale us with stories of Tara’s Volleyball games and tell us when and where we could go to watch her play…and she was a terrific volleyball player! Grandma Neva June would enjoy a shot of rum…and sometimes 2 shots of the brown elixir. Mrs. Moore was sitting and smiling and enjoying every minute of the Thanksgiving Celebration. Aaron and Jonathon were but wee children and they were excited about everything. We ruminated about our Black Friday plans…that almost always entailed a trip to St. Louis to shop…and in later years to St. Charles, Missouri to see Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim and Mr. Scrooge…and Santa Claus from all over the world…

MJ’s love for Thanksgiving made each celebration…special. It is her favorite holiday of the year. When I looked at each smiling face and felt the happiness of every member of our Feast…I knew that God was in his Heaven…and all was right with the world. So often we are divided by petty differences like political affiliations or choice of churches…when there is much more that unites us than will ever divide us. Thanksgiving is a Torch Bearer of Light…that illuminates the darkness of our concerns and suffering…and worries about tomorrow. Each year in that little house in Elkville…I felt like that I lived in a Castle…

Love was in abundance…we would not have it any other way. After dutifully watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…then came the Kennel Club Dog Show and the Christmas Classic, Its A Wonderful Life.’ Sometimes cards would be removed from the desk drawer and games of Rummikub. Jake and Josh would come over to see what Aaron and Jonathon were up to…or Aaron and Jonathon would go to their house which was just around the corner. I grew up with Jake and Josh’s dad, David, and my heartfelt sorrow and prayers are with him and Josh… following the tragic news that Jake lost his life… this past Sunday… Jake was such a wonderful young man…so full of happiness and the exuberance of living. He had a giant heart and love for all…he reminded me so much of his dad…

Look to your right and you’re left this year…love everyone that you see…we are all temporary visitors in this world…cherish every minute…

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  1. “The wind is blowing 22 miles per hour and is forecast to gust at 40 – 45 miles per hour…later today.” – Its winter – didn’t you get the e-mail? Have a great ‘Thanksgiving holiday’.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  2. Beautiful story!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family my friend!

    1. Thank you, my friend. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃.

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