Home For Christmas

Home is what we seek at Christmas Time. We look for the sights and sounds and smells and the sense of place and love that makes our hearts swell…with joy. We may seek the home that we were born in or raised in…or the place that made us feel most welcome in our wayfaring life… We all are strangers in a strange land.

We are seekers of home…our entire time on earth. When we look into the eyes of others…we are looking for a home… This year we will enjoy Christmas in as many ways as the number of us that celebrate Christmas Some of us will have a large elaborate dinner with family that we have not seen since last Christmas. Others will have an intimate dinner with a few close friends…others of us will have pizza and Coca Cola…and all of us will hopefully find Home…in the celebration.

Atheists and agnostics and Jews and Hindus and Muslims…will seek home during our worldwide holiday. Rest from the stress of our 2-year Pandemic…comfort from the supreme loss that many of us have endured…many who seek to comfort others all year long…desire to feel a sense of Home…for Christmas. We have stood at the bedside of a loved one who has been intubated…we have cried a river of tears for family and friends who have passed on…many of us suffer inside…while putting on a brave and festive face…

We need Home to invite us inside…to sit down by the roaring fireplace…and to pet the sleeping Boxer dog by the warm blaze…and to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and listen to Bing Crosby sing Silent Night…and gently close our eyes and realize that we finally have arrived…Home…

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