‘Illusions of Control’

The last week of 2021 is dawning with unseasonal warmth. MJ got me a wonderful scarf from Brooks Brothers…(I like their name)…and I thought that I hope it gets cold enough for me to enjoy it this winter. It is 68 degrees in Carbondale…and I think that the normal temperature is in the 20 to 30-degree range. The wind has been howling around here with gusts of over 40 miles per hour. When I was a youngster the weather was very cold and snowy and icy…in our neck of the woods. My neighbor’s drainage tile washed out from under their driveway the other day…and then the herculean wind blew it into our portion of the pond…and Jonathon and I fished it out. It appears that the neighbor either does not realize that it is her tile…or does not care.

MJ and I are traveling to Florida for a few days in January…if our flight is not canceled. Over two thousand flights were canceled today…and many over the Christmas Weekend. We are a people of the short term solution. Our Congress continues to pass stop-gap measures to keep the finances flowing…without approving a budget. We crave the simple answer to complex problems. Many of us bought the idea of a 90-day Pandemic or 6 months…or certainly no more than a year…but we have an illusion of control that the Virus…does not share. The actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, says at the conclusion of the movie, Don’t Look Up, ‘We really did have it all…didn’t we,’ while reflecting on his character’s love of coffee and all of the exotic beans and methods of preparing his favorite brew.

Uncertainty is the path that we trod. Not only is each day a gift…each moment is as well. Whenever I enjoy a good Christmas I think…what a humbling privilege…so many folks did not have a Christmas full of love and warmth and good food and good fellowship. Past practices do not always guarantee future results. Ill health and reversals and misfortune are just around the corner for each of us…God’s Grace is all that protects us. There is a scripture that I have endeavored to live my life by, ‘Pride goeth before destruction…and a haughty spirit before a fall.’

Fair treatment for all is a worthy goal. Not simply the white race…not simply the Christian faith…all people. God made us all…he loves us all…it is our mandate…to love each other.

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  1. There was a time when Christmas was about bringing families together – unification – I wonder if that is still the case in a materialistic word. I received a lot of cards and some small gifts, I could tell instantly when a card sent had heart behind it or simply because it was expected at Christmas. We should not see Christmas as only a festival (a celebration of a birth) we must see Christmas as re-birth, even if you do not believe in Jesus as a savour of the world, let’s at least see Christmas and the celebration (the birth of Jesus) as a Syble of salvation for all of the world.

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