Santa’s Reflections

Santa Claus could not hardly put one foot in front of the other. He had been traveling for 48 hours to ensure that all the children of the world received a present for Christmas. Billy B. and Chet and Jane and Daryl had accompanied him on his Christmas Eve Flight and had been amazed by the diversity of our planet. They had been to India and to Paris, France. They had visited York, England, and Destin, Florida. They had visited Capetown, South Africa, and Melbourne, Australia. This year they brought not only toys but Vaccines for Covid and thus they had seen most of their loved ones. They were received with love and tears of gratitude…and prayers for their safe journey.

Mrs. Claus welcomed her tired hero with a cup of hot chocolate and a foot rub. He also required two Tylenol for his sore back. Humphrey reported to the Boss that this had been their best Christmas ever…and that they had visited more children and spread more Christmas Cheer than ever before. There had never been a North Pole Outreach for the health of the children like 2021. With the help of the nurses that accompanied them…and Billy B. and Jane and Chet and Daryl…who had coordinated the Santa Vaccination Program…they had jabbed 1 billion children and their parents. Lauren Bacall told Santa that there had never been a Christmas Eve like this one… Santa smiled a satisfied smile and was glad that he did not retire like his doctor in Destin, Florida had told him to do for his health…

Rudolph told Santa that this had been his best Christmas…ever… He was thrilled to have led the team of Reindeer to bring hope and health and life to so many of the children of the earth… He went on to tell Santa that he had signed his contract for an additional five years…if Santa would stay at the helm of the operation. Santa said, ‘I can do no less than my lead Reindeer…I will stay another five years…if my health holds out.’ All of the North Pole Elves cheered for Santa and Rudolph…and then proceed to take and long winter’s nap…

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