Stay Tuned For Coming Attractions

Do you enjoy a good burger…I know that I do…Jonathon and I had some tasty burgers at Buffalo Wildwings recently. When I entered the eating establishment I knew that I was behind the times…as it had television screens on every wall and in all nooks and crannies. There was so much going on…it was a bit difficult to take it all in. Jonathon told me that the restaurant had been in Carbondale for 15 years…and yet it was a new experience for me. It is fun to have new experiences.

Life brings me constant surprises. When I was young I was satisfied that I knew the score and what inning I was in…now I neither know the score nor that ballpark that I am in. New Year means new beginnings. I am not speaking of exercise programs or weight loss efforts…in particular. When the Old Year goes doddering off and the Baby New Year comes bouncing in…we are all young again in our purpose and intent and new roads to travel. I am watching an adaption of the book, Station Eleven, on HBO/Max and one of the characters said, ‘I do not want to die and discover that I lived the wrong life.’ So many facets of living call our name and beckon for us to join in…we often do not do so because the area is out of comfort level. At times…being out of your comfort level is the greatest adventure that you will ever have…

Around the corner are good things waiting for each of us. Many of us are closet artists. We want to paint…or write…or act…or sing…but we are afraid of what others will think or say… ‘Be not afraid…’ Many of us would like to try out for Theatre…but we are afraid of the judgment of our peers…wanting to do something is over half of the battle. Our New Year is a Clean Slate…write upon your slate…it is your slate alone to write upon…make a piece of art that has never been seen before…

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