Memories & Binoculars

Fog is the word of the day. The fog that you can wear. We have all been down with colds…and the fog seems appropriate for the moment. As I reflect on the New Year I am struck with how little we do to celebrate it in the Brooks house. The extent of our New Year’s Revelry would be a couple of outings with our good friends, Laura and Jim, and many years ago when we attended another church…at a fellow parishioner’s home to watch football… Usually, MJ toddles off to bed and I wait up to see the New Year come in…and creep into the bedroom to give her a New Year’s Kiss…if she is not asleep. We old folks sleep sporadically. A two-hour nap is like pennies from heaven.

New Years Resolutions are not my foray any longer…although they were for many years. I do recall a resolution that I made some time ago to walk for my health every day of the New Year. I kept it faithfully for 6 months. Since my retirement, I have walked every day as a matter of habit. My retirement vow or plan was to walk and read and write. I have fallen into the habit of doing all three on a daily basis. My hobbies require about 4 hours per day…and that is enough for this old fellow. I enjoy staying engaged on a wide and diverse basis. I want to hear and learn things that I do not already know. I want to be challenged regarding the things that I believe that I know… Actually, I want my thinking challenged…why do I believe the things that I believe…have I considered all sides of the argument…do I know the downside of my accepted beliefs…

So, what is on our horizon? What does past practice prognosticate as future behavior? The first problem that comes to mind is the continued division in our country. We are not coming together and if anything…we are pulling further apart. The world of work has changed and is in the midst of change. Restaurants across the United States can not find enough help. Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is experiencing difficulty in attracting people to their openings…and they are the largest employer in our region. Our Pandemic has caused many of us to decide that we are, ‘Mad as Hell and that we are not going to take it anymore,’ as the newscaster from the movie Network proclaimed. The U.S. exists on Servitude Labor Pay. Our country operates on the backs of the working poor… Covid 19 has changed this paradigm and it will not go back to its former self. Church has changed. Faith Communities have altered their composition…and Faith Leaders have yet to understand the shift in this tried and true form that has worked for hundreds of years. Churches will either change…or die…

There is a shift coming in the monopoly of the upper 2 percent. The Great Unwashed have seen the light and realize that they are getting the short end of the stick…and they are tired…and determined for change. People are weary of seeing the CEO drink Crystal and eat Fau Graus and they do not have enough to pay their light bill…they do not have enough money to feed their children…they die for lack of health care…because they can not afford it. Marie Antoinette said, ‘Let them eat cake,’ but the cake is stuck in our throats…

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  1. HigherTimesMentalHealth | Reply

    I am not trying to change your mind about me… I am trying to change what my mind about me…

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