The Sins Of The Fathers

Fiction Chapter II

Grandma Askews’ stories scared Billy B. He wondered if he would have time to grow up and experience some years as an adult. Billy B. wondered why Grandma was not speaking about Santa Claus and his reindeer and the elves making Christmas toys for the children of the world. His cousin, Gene, loved the Biblical accounts of the last battle…Armageddon… and Grandmas’ favorite Biblical reference regarding the blood rising as high as the bridle of a horse. Gene was into monsters…especially Universal Studios Monsters. He also was a science fiction fan. The idea of an apocalyptic end to the earth that he lived upon…seemed to brighten his day. Neva J. had asked her mom to read the Christmas Story from the scriptures. Grace began to read…

‘Jane, we must go and see about your dad,’ said Billy B. As they proceeded on their bicycles across Eldorado they could not believe what their eyes told them. There were abandoned cars and people laying on the snow-covered sidewalks and some appeared to be dead. The Pharmacist stuck her head out of the drugstore and called out to the three children. ‘Please come and help me…a family has passed out at the soda fountain,’ she implored. Chet said, ‘My God…those are horses…a lot of horses…and they are running right down the middle of the street.’

‘For unto us a child is born, unto us, a son is given…,’ Grandma Askew read. Billy B. woke up from his Christmas nap and saw that Jane and Chet had fallen asleep…as well. He was safe in Grandma’s Beulah Heights Home. There were cookies to eat and more fudge…and some of his mom’s famous coffee cake…

Billy B.. is old now…but he thinks of that Christmas nightmare…on a serene Christmas day in 1963…

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