A remembrance of a leader in our community upon his passing sites his ability to tell wonderful stories. We love stories. We live in a story! We are a story! When I hear the story of an ancestor or a historical figure and their challenges and accomplishments…I have to remind myself that they were as human as I am…their challenges were as great or greater than mine…and their accomplishments were as tenuous and desired as any that I have achieved and desired. Before I became a Christian…I was captivated by the Bible Story Books that I read in my Doctors office.

When I think of Dad I think of stories that I remember about him…and stories that I have been told about him. I often mention his leather motorcycle jacket his motorcycle hat and the fact that he carried a concealed handgun…that was illegal…on the street of Chicago. My father exists for me in stories. The same for Mom since her passing in 2013. I remember her care for the many country cats that she fed each day. She loved a glass of the boxed Franzia Wine…and she enjoyed ice cream called…Vienetta…which she slowly said as if to reveal the word too quickly would be more than the hearer could bear.

We have been to Europe 4 times…during the last decade…and all of the visits have become stories that we tell. I actually began blogging as a means of recording our traveling adventures and to have a record to look back on…as memory fades.

The Bible…both Old and New Testaments…are the stories of the Hebrew and Christian Faith. I have been a Christian for 53 years based on a story that mesmerized me. The Story has provided me with a path to trod and a road map of life…that has been fulfilling and given purpose to my journey.

One day each of us will die…and the next day our lives will become a story that our loved ones and friends and acquaintances tell…

Write your story…well…

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