The Afterglow

We are in Christmastide. ‘There are several celebrations within Christmastide, including Christmas Day (25 December), St. Stevens Day (26 December), Childermas (28 December), New Year’s Eve (31 December), The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (1 January), The Twelve Days of Christmas terminate with Epiphany Eve or Twelfth Night (the evening of 5 January). Wikipedia. We are basking in the Afterglow of Christmas. Family and friends have warmed our hearts and we have enjoyed their smiles and kindness…and subsequently, we have felt kinder ourselves. The joy of giving a gift and seeing the look of surprise on the recipient’s face and feeling their gratitude is priceless. Christmas allows us to see with special eyes and hear with special ears…and feel the meaning of, ‘Peace on earth and goodwill to men.’ Was it because of, ‘Some magic in that old silk hat they found…,’ as the song Frosty the Snowman says…or was it the magic of taking time to see each other and to listen to each other and to know each other…

Billy B. was full of the joy of Christmas. He had received all of the gifts that he had asked for and enjoyed the day with his family and his friends, Chet and Jane, and Daryl. Neva J. had been worried about Rosie all Christmas Day. She could not reach her and had even gone by her little home to knock on the door and attempt to raise her. Rosie lived alone and was a bit of a hermit. She talked to herself…a little…and answered herself…at times. She was a little round lady and she wore dresses called Moo Moos. Rosie loved Neva J. and confided in her. Rosie had been a dancer in Vaudeville and traveled the United States with the Dancing Troop that she was a member of. Her steady boyfriend for many years was a singer on the radio. They both enjoyed the exciting life of the Theatre and had many friends. Rosie told Neva J. that she had left her daughter with her sister to raise because she could not be with her on a regular basis due to her traveling with the Dance Troop. Her fiance, Bert, contracted tuberculosis and died. Her daughter disowned her. She had fallen into mental illness and destitution before Neva J. met her. Neva J. nursed her back to health and found her a little house and connected her to government assistance. She was her benefactor.

Rosie came to the door. Neva J. threw her arms around her and hugged her tight. ‘Rosie…I tried and tried to call you on Christmas to invite you to Christmas dinner,’ said Neva J. ‘June…I did not want to be with people that I do not know…but I would be happy to be with you and Billy B.,’ she responded. So, there you have it…Christmas happened again for Rosie…and Neva J. and Billy B….and it was more special than the first one… Rosie was dressed as Mrs. Claus and Billy B. came as Santa…and Neva J. was the angel…heralding the birth of the Christ Child…

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