Saturday In Paradise

Rosemary Beach is a lovely and somewhat European-type Ocean front town. We had lunch at the Cowgirl Kitchen Restaurant and had the most delightful salad. It had fruit and candied nuts and goat cheese…with a replacement of feta cheese for me due to my allergy to goat cheese. I had one of the best Bloody Mary’s that I have ever experienced.

Have you ever had one of those days on a Holiday that you were taking…that everything went right and everyone was in perfect harmony…that was today. We visited Sundog Books in Seaside and I found two volumes to bring home with me…in my tiny suitcase. I have been purchasing books from Sundog each time that I visit Florida…and that has been over 12 years. Rosemary Beach had an easy and relaxing feel about it. People were neither in a frenetic hurry nor ill-tempered that they could not be ahead of their neighbors.

I noticed that many places that we have gone since our arrival Thursday…the majority of people that we encounter are wearing face masks. This would be somewhat different than our visit in May 2021. I purchase most of my clothes either in Florida or in Maine…as we have very few department stores in Little Egypt. There is an Outlet Shopping Center across the street from Ron and Ira Kayes Condo….and it has clothes that fit me at a reasonable price…this time… a 70% price reduction.

As I watch the Emerald Green Ocean…I ponder what we could humanly do to bring people together. Ron and I were talking about how much unhappiness and anger and strife…and depression there is in our world. More now than I have ever seen. I was watching a Series on HBO last night that was difficult to watch called Euphoria. As near as I could determine from one episode…it was about depressed and emotionally lost people…especially young people. A young lady cut her arms at one point to illustrate her determination to not be hurt by a young man who was threatening her. I started to turn the program off…and then I thought that this show was illustrating reality for many people. We are turning our heads and ignoring our precious children and our heritage for the next generation. We are placing the old paradigm of the Baby Boomer Generation on our children and grandchildren. I watched a middle-aged man taking advantage of a college-age woman. At the conclusion of the program… the young man who was threatening the young woman, who cut herself to prove her courageous resolve…was in a family photo as he angrily stomped up the steps of his family home to his bedroom…after a night of drugs and alcohol and abuse. His father was ‘the’ middle-aged man who took advantage of the college girl.

We have been obsessed with earning a living and living an upscale lifestyle…and we have lost our families and our loved ones…and our primary relationships…for more green paper…

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