Sunday Brunch

McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin, Florida is a great place to have Sunday Brunch. It is 73 degrees today with rain on the way… I had some delicious Eggs, Benedict, with steak pieces. Irish Coffee made the breakfast complete… I noticed that the traffic was almost non-existent on the drive to McGuires compared to last May when we visited. The comedic signage on the restrooms at one time… upset me…when I almost entered the Women’s Rest Room due to the confusion that the signs engender. Now I think that they are funny and have no problem negotiating the correct restroom. Breakfast this morning won the prize for fun…Everyone was laughing and talking at once and making plans for future holidays…and ‘Another Irish Coffee for me and my friends,’ (In the great spirit of Newman on Seinfeld). Our waitress seemed a bit taciturn…at first blush…but before we left…we were like family…

After Brunch, we went across the street to visit the Harbor and see all off the fishing boats. Then back to the Shopping Center across the street from the Condo to determine if Under Armor had any ‘Big Boy’ shirts for me. I found two…and Ron had to bring me back after I tried them on…as only one fit. I then examined every men’s shirt in the store…and finally found one polo shirt that was my size…and I happily paid for it and we came back for football watching by everyone but me…I would rather blog…

Late… the past two evenings I have been watching HBO’s program…Euphoria…and I have become engrossed in the fate of the young actors on the show. I am worried about them…as if the characters that they portray are real. It seems that they are all raising themselves and that their parents are feckless or not interested in their children’s lives. All of the kids are lonely and looking for love…from someone…

Our waitress, yesterday in Seaside, was such a genuine person and so kind…and she had a black eye…and her uniform had a hole in the top garment. I wondered if someone had hit her…or if she was being abused by someone. She seemed to absorb our friendly comments to her regarding her good service…

How many people are suffering in our midst…and we have neither eyes to see…or ears to hear? Wherever I have traveled…I have found hurting people. I was reared in a poor home for several years of my childhood. I was poor once again for a few years…upon my moving out on my own at the ripe old age of 17. My stepfather hated me…and I was happy to get away from him…and he was happy to see me leave. The road to success has many rocks and boulders in your path. When you have nothing and begin with less than nothing…it is not simple to find the Golden Path.

Florida is wonderful for thinking and planning and contemplating your future.

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