Monday @ Miramar

The Donut Hole Restaurant has a wonderful Cornbeef Hash breakfast. There is Hollandaise sauce for dipping the chunks of Cornbeef into. After a rainy afternoon and evening, Sunday, a cold front has moved in and the temperature is 56 degrees with an 18 mile per hour wind making it feel like 51. From year to year, there are many of the same staff at the DH. A lovely older lady…probably younger than me…served us this morning. You can feel free to arrive later in the morning in January than you can in May. When we were here in May we opened the seating at 6:00 A:M:…today 9:30 was more than sufficient. This afternoon I will be viewing the movie, Nightmare Alley, and I am looking forward to seeing it before I purchase the book later this month.

Many of the people that I have seen appear to be visiting like we are. I have witnessed more winter coats and gloves…and one lady with a woolen neck scarf tied securely around her neck as she power walked the beach… Being over halfway through our week in Miramar Beach…it is time to cut back on the food consumption. We have been eating 2 or 3 meals per day…and I am a 1 meal a day person with almost never eating breakfast. At home when MJ and I happen to eat lunch out…it is our meal of the day. I eat very slowly…which is learned behavior from choking so many times when wolfing down the groceries.

I have received so many kind compliments regarding the photos that I have taken during the past few days in Florida. Someone said that the sky was a strange color…while another person asked me if I was using filters to achieve some of the colorations of the pictures. Yes, it is a new program on my iPhone…and it really enriches the photographs. Of course, the natural beauty of the Ocean is indescribably lovely. I love Artistic Photography… My 2 primary hobbies of writing and photography have enriched my retirement…immeasurably.

One thing that I have learned as I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of our world is that most people are good and of goodwill and they are hard workers that have little additional resources…more than they require to keep body and soul together. I grew up around hardscrabble and hard-working people. The few who have had the opportunities that many have never been afforded…often seem to feel entitled. Accompanying those opportunities some of them believe that they are a bit better than their lessers…and a bit smarter…and a bit more endowed with extraordinary leadership potential… When I saw the wonderful server at the Cowgirl Restaurant in Seaside on Saturday…I knew her work ethic and humility and servant’s heart…because I came up around people just like her.

So often there are the honest-hearted and there are those who want to take advantage of their big hearts. Recently I watched the movie, The Eyes of Tammy Faye Baker, and I was reminded of the tremendous scam in the name of religion that the Praise The Lord Club and the Bakers perpetrated on their unsuspecting supporters. Many precious old people sent their Social Security earnings to these Con Artists. While the Bakers became richer…their supporters became poorer. They collected money for certain items that they presented to their television congregation and then spent the money on themselves and their pet projects to enrich their lavish lifestyles.

As the preacher eats the finest cut of steak…and you are eating pork and beans to supply him with his luxury…you are not giving to God…you are donating to a Cult…

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