A Valentines Day Suprise

Billy B. was experiencing a difficult choice as to what to buy his friend and perhaps his girlfriend for Valentines’ Day. Chet and he met after school to discuss the conundrum. Chet said, ‘Why don’t you get her a fancy Valentines’ Day card…you know…the kind that cost a dollar or more?’ Billy B. responded, ‘But what if she thinks that I am a bit silly…and she wonders when and where I started to think of she and I and more than just good friends?’ Chet noted that Jane accompanied them on all of their Halloween and Christmas adventures and that she laughed at all of Billy B.’s jokes. Billy said, ‘Yes she is a good friend…my best friend…along with you…Chet…but she is so much smarter than me…and she is pretty…while I am ugly…’

Jane walked up in the midst of Chet and Billy B.’s Valentine Planning. ‘Do you two handsome gentlemen want to accompany me to the Valentines’ Day School Party, Jane asked? Billy B. responded, ‘Oh yes we would love to!’ ‘What time and where is it being held,’ asked Chet? Valentines Day evening at 6:00 P:M:,’ Jane answered. ‘It will be especially fun with my fellow adventurers… and my two best friends,’ Jane exclaimed…

Billy B. asked Chet what should he do…and perhaps Chet should be the one to give her the fancy Valentines’ Day card. Chet said, ‘No, you should give Jane the Card and the Maltese puppy that I heard her speaking of…the other day.’ Billy B. said that he did not know if he had enough money saved for a Maltese Puppy. Chet replied, ‘They are $25 and I will give you $10 toward it…as a silent partner…’

Large red cut-out hearts were on the door to the gymnasium when Jane and Billy B. and Chet entered the Valentines’ Day party. In the corner was Buddy dancing with himself…and appearing to enjoy it. Daryl was dressed in a mini Tuxedo and came up to the group and took Jane’s hand and then kissed it…as she blushed…and Billy B. thought that ‘I am losing points with Jane!’ Chet had brought Mylo the Maltese in a small Dog Travel Bag…and he placed it in the cloakroom of their Home Room. Suddenly you could hear Mylo barking his little but mighty bark. Billy B. told Chet, ‘Go and get Mylo and I will give Jane the Fancy Valentines Day card just before you present her with her favorite pup…

Janes’ eyes sparkled when Billy B. presented her with the Fancy Valentines Day card…and she hugged Billy B. Then came Chet who gave her Mylo The Maltese that was from Billy B…and tears came to her eyes…and she kissed Chet…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

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