Mylo The Maltese

The snow and ice have finally ended. Some areas of Carbondale received over 10 inches. Southern Illinois University has closed its doors for two and one-half days…which rarely happens. I read a Facebook posting from one of my friends that mentioned that a Snow Day was like any other day of retirement except for the snow…

As I have heard it said…We went and did it…Mylo The Maltese is coming to our home a week from today. We have been informed that he will probably be 5 pounds at full growth. Around Christmas I began talking about Siberian Huskies…and then Boston Terriers…and recent discussions have been transpiring regarding Toy Poodles…but Mylo won the contest…

So after 30 years of Boston Terriers…our house will have a new look…Mylo! We are excited about our new Furry Baby and Jonathon and Aaron are enthused to receive their new canine brother. A new Kennel and a new bed are in order for Mylo The Maltese. We took a year off upon the death of our last dog…Parker…but I detected that we were ready for an element of our lives that we have been actively engaged in for over 30 years. I like the idea that Mylo will be so small…if he pulls on his leash…no one will know…but him…

2 responses

  1. Warm welcome to your new canine member of the family!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🐶

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