Mylo…Is Coming

The Snow and ice are melting away. What seemed like a serious challenge a few days ago is now becoming a distant memory. Next winter someone will ask if we had a hard winter last year…and the person being asked will respond… that they thought it was rather mild. Ira Kaye and Ron brought MJ and me some Miramar Beach and Destin Items that we purchased while there last month and that we could not squeeze into our ultra-modern tiny suitcases. Along with that Ira Kaye brought me some Milo Tea that we had heard about at Walmart in Destin. It comes in a gallon jug and it is sweetened to perfection…it is delicious! Thanks, Ira Kaye! I wore the Columbia light jacket today and with the 50-degree temperatures, it felt just right. I remembered fondly our January visit…and it already seems like six months ago.

MJ and I visited her Physicians’ Assistant, Meshia, at the Orthopedic Center. Again let me say that Meshia is one of the most caring medical professionals that I have witnessed. She is sharper than most Physicians that I have known and has a humanity that connects with her patients. You may be worried before you see Meshia…but she will calm your fears and fix you…at the same time.

MJ and I have been scurrying around to prepare for the coming of Mylo. We travel to St. Louis tomorrow and Friday…Mylo comes to his new home. We have been purchasing a small bed for him and a Doggie Playpen…and special Doggie Treats…along with a smart black and red sweater and toys and pee pads. His food came into our Pet Store today and they have ordered a hammock-style tiny bed for him that has yet to arrive. He requires a harness rather than a collar… a small neck…small neck bones… After 30 years of Boston Terriers…and a year off after the death of our last furry family member, our Black Lab…Parker…we have decided after a year sabbatical that we must have one member of the Canine Family in our Brooks Family.

MJ is excited about her new baby…Mylo… I am reminded of the stuffed dog that we had when we first were married. We called him, Delbert Doober, and we took him on vacations with us and he was the representation of our pet. We loved him…but he had difficulty loving us back. We rectified that over 31 years ago with Bruiser the Boston Terrier. Bruiser was the smallest of the litter…and he was a bit reticent and shy and introverted. Yet he was our captain and the leader of the pack.

Our church is sponsoring a refugee family from Afghanistan. I am so proud of the great people that are working to aid these precious displaced people. We will be enjoying a dinner of Lentil Soup and Nann Bread and Baclava this Sunday to raise funds for the family’s support.

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