Sunday With Mylo

Mylo has become accustomed to his new home in record time! He is smaller than most cats. He has sharp little teeth. He enjoys chewing on his mommy’s thumb. He looks like a little white bear in the face. He has transformed our home into a place of excitement and adventure and he plays until he is tired…and so are we… Mylo is full of spirit but has yet to have the physical capacity to fulfill his explorations.

As I attended church this morning via Zoom I was able to ascertain that Kerry was preaching about God’s love for the poor. This is a sermon that is right down my alley. I do not have a problem identifying with the poor…as I was poor. When I consider MJ and my life now…I wonder at the mystery of lifes’ intricate and inscrutable turns. When I hear my fellow Christians speak of wealth for those who serve Christ…I wonder what Bible they are reading? Jesus was attracted to the marginalized and the poor and the rejected of society. Those that had been forgotten by the religious and ecclesiastical world of his day…felt welcome to sit at his feet and receive his message of inclusion and love.

I often consider that all of the earthy wealth that we enjoy will return to dust and ultimately it will return to the atoms and molecules that make up the dust. Our physical reality will one day be a memory and will return to a dream. God is not a capitalist. He has no need for a collection of gold bars or dollars or fine cars or luxurious homes and swimming pools. The precious stones of our planet have intrinsic worth because we have assigned that worth to them. I wonder if we realized that the poor man on the corner of the street leading to our Aldis’ Market…is us…

Perhaps once we pass from this mortal coil we will understand that we humans were all members of the same family? As we watch our fellow man and woman and boy and girl…suffer…we are diminished and our purpose in life…is lost.

Within each of us is the true-life essence from our Creator. Our human existence is a short test from God. There is a beautiful song entitled, ‘From A Distance,’ that has a verse that says, ‘God is watching us…from a distance.’ When we become senior citizens we believe that we have seen it all and lived a long time and have the wisdom of the ages…but it is all contextual. Our lives are but a cool breeze in the summer or a peddle on the foot turn wheel of the Weavers’ Shuttle… We stand in the Foyer of the Great House…we are experiencing our entry to eternity…and are about to be ushered into a reality that does not match our bias or prejudice or the platitudes that our fellow humans have developed to explain what life that they have concocted should be lived by Christians and believers…

Valentines Day is tomorrow…and love is the answer. The more that we focus on loving each other…the more we will hit the mark of what Christs’ message is…

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