Love Is a Diamond Of Many Facets

It is a lovely Valentines’ Day in Carbondale, Illinois. We took Mylo for his first visit to the Vet…he did well and captured the hearts of all of the women there… He is quite a hit with the ladies! The temperature is in the 40s today and is forecast to rise to the 60s tomorrow. The geese have moved on from Campus Lake but I did see two serene ducks enjoying the warmer climate.

Love is one of the most used words in the English language. Prince Charles was quoted as saying that he supposed he and Diana were in love…’ whatever that is.’ Often you will see in movies or media that two people ‘made love’ when they in reality had sex. It is a stretch to say that each of these physical acts had a direct correlation to love. Many churches will preach about and proclaim God’s Love…but the fine print of their doctrine of love has many hurdles to jump and mountains to climb…to qualify. I have often been told by people that I barely know…that they love me…and a few months or years later…they disappear…

Love is the elderly couple that holds each other’s hands and they slowly walk in their favorite garden… Love is the church that makes Lentil Soup for the purpose of raising money for an Afghan Family that has been displaced by the violence in Afghanistan and who are taking refuge and sanctuary in Carbondale. Love is Mylos’ Kisses…

Love is not physical features that fade with age…and is not found in the heated moment of passion… Love is the quiet confidence that someone is there for you…and that they have always been there for you…and that they will never leave you or forsake you…

Love trips off of many tounges as naturally as any word…and then there are those who meditate and contemplate and consider the responsibility of such a powerful utterance…

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  1. Good share on love! What love is! Agree

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