Mighty Mylo

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Mylo weighs in at a little over one pound and is pure energy! He is my family’s newest addition. Mylo is a Maltese puppy. He’s a quirky little fellow and I see some of myself in his character and his love of play. I already know we are to be the best of friends!

When mighty Mylo gets to running too fast he trips over himself. Half of a moment later he is back on his paws and running again. What a sport! He enjoys his little bear toy with the noise maker inside. In Mylo versus the bear I am 100% confident Mylo shall have the victory. This mighty Maltese also enjoys passing out affection in the form of kisses. He must know it’s Valentine’s Day!

Pets can bring such fun and joy to our lives. It had been close to a year since our last dog, Parker, passed…

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  1. There’s nothing like a puppy to liven up a home. Parker would be pleased.

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