Boomer’s Cassette Player

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The following is a flash fiction story.

The year was 1995 and young Boomer was hoping for a cassette tape player on Christmas morning. This young lad at age 12 was beginning to lose interest in Nintendo games. Boomer believed he’d take up a new hobby and music sounded good to his interests and ears. Compact discs were what all his buddies were collecting. Young Boomer wanted his music in a different manner. All he really needed was a radio and tape player combo to keep the tunes coming.

It was the eve of the jolly day. Precisely it was 11:55 PM. Five minutes until the official start of Christmas. Boomer kept clicking the glow button on his cool blue watch in order to illustrate the time. Christmas was so (insert a favorite cuss word here) close! The boy could hear his parents downstairs laughing so he knew that they…

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