Mylo Has Unlimited Joy

Mylo has become quite a man about town for the week and one half that he has lived with his new family. He never seems to worry or fret about his taxes or other human worries. He has no need to travel as his new home is a magnificent adventure that he is still exploring. He has quickly learned that kisses are the key to success. He has developed a round little belly…

Once in a while he become a bit aggressive with ‘Bear Bear’

But…then again…we all have our moments. The thing about Mylo is that he accepts the life that the Creator has given him…with gusto. He does not waste time thinking about who likes him and who does not. He does not plan his financial portfolio. His needs are simple…but direct. We can learn some elements of a happy life…from Mylo…

Spring is on its way and with it many joys for our souls. The blooming of flowers and the singing of birds…and ‘The sound of the turtledove…’ We look for the Big Event…the excitement of doing something that we have never done…the sound of the symphony and our transportation to another reality…another stupendous universe…somewhere special that we have never been before…we seek to enter Alice’s Looking Glass… How sad it is that we do not realize that we live in a magical and mystical place that is unlike any other in the Universe…and we have the key to its’ delights…

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  1. Mylo is just so cute! Please give Mylo a nice Garfield Hug from me 🙂

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